How 15-Year-Old Latasha Harlins’ Murder Over A Bottle Of Orange Juice Helped Spark The L.A. Riots

Latasha Harlins was killed just a few years after her mother was shot ineffective in a South-Central L.A. nightclub.

On a Saturday morning in 1991, 15-year-old Latasha Harlins walked to a market 5 minutes from her home in South-Central Los Angeles to buy a bottle of orange juice.

juice protruding of Harlins’ backpack and assumed she was stealing it, though {{the teenager}} had cash in her hand.

After a quick scuffle, Du grabbed a 0.38-caliber handgun and shot Harlins behind her head. She died instantly.

A yr later, residents of Harlins’ neighborhood took to the streets in outrage. They known as her title as they set fireside to a complete bunch of Korean-owned corporations. L.A. would under no circumstances be the an identical.

Pre-Present Strife In South-Central L.A.

Latasha Harlins was born on July 14, 1975, in St. Louis, Illinois. When she was six years earlier, her family moved to South-Central L.A. by Greyhound bus.

“Everytime you go someplace else, you’re on a regular basis anticipating points to be greater,” said her grandmother, Ruth Harlins. “You on a regular basis have wishes.”

Nonetheless these wishes would rapidly be crushed. Solely four years after the family settled into their L.A. apartment, Harlins’ mother, Crystal, was fatally shot in

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